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How do I make an order?

To place an order simply e-mail and include information on what you would like.  Two things are important:

1.       The piece of porcelain. Any of the designs can be hand painted onto any size and style of porcelain. We have a large stock of pieces and work with many porcelain manufacturers.    

As the items are cooked at 850° C you can use them to eat and serve food.
Provided the item has no gold or platinum it can be cleaned in the dishwasher and put into the microwave. 
We suggest that clients think about what type piece they would use most often and then look for a design that fits well.

2.   The design. If you are looking for Paris Monuments, this website is a good place to start.
Any of the designs you see can be hand painted onto the piece of porcelain of your choice. 
Paris monuments are not the only thing which can be painted. If you have something special in mind, talk to us or send us a picture of the object or scene that you would like to have put on your piece of porcelain, please attach it to your e-mail. 

Once we receive your request, the artist will get back in touch with you to discuss and provide you with a price. 
Until all has been decided and a price has been given you are not under any obligation to purchase.

Can I personalise the piece?

Yes, and if it is a gift or something for your family to remember over the ages, we highly suggest this.
A personalised inscription can be put on the back or front of the plate with no charge when requested at the time of the order. 

All plates are signed by the artist and “hand painted” “Paris” is written on the back.

How much will it cost and what are the terms of sale?

Once you have communicated with the artist, she will be able to provide you with a selling price and a delivery date. Most of our Paris Monument work average €20-€100.
Much depends on the type of support, the number and type of colours and how many times the piece must be placed into the oven to finish.

Once the details and price have been agreed, a down payment of 50% will be asked.

What if I need something quickly?

Frequently people need something quickly for a farewell gift or birthday gift.
In this case, please contact us and arrange a time to stop by the workshop in Croissy-sur-Seine 78290
(20 minutes out of Paris) – by appointment only. 
We frequently have a small inventory which we would be pleased to show you. 
If you decide on something already finished and would like it to be personalised, this can be done
within 48 hours for a supplement of 5,00€.

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